for the health of the church

Let’s take down the lying and gossip spirit that is taking over the Internet!

Enough of pseudo Christian trash!

Enough of those neopharisees that fill up the minds of the new believers with doubt and wickedness, making their minds captive!

Enough of diabolical fundamentalism and men’s doctrines!

Enough of “Christian”  forums that allow to filled up with manure the minds of the people of God!

I am challenging you to join us in the No Gossip Campaign, because it is not possible that we keep on allowing that there is so much irresponsible comments contaminating the internet with gossip and lies.

Many of these open opinion forums have only become an antagonist in which the Gospel have been perverted, deceiving many taken them to error, and not edifying the body of Christ in anything, just taken them out of their churches and out of The Way.

If you are visiting one of these free opinion forums or blogs that are talking bad about any person, preacher, leader, pastor, church or ministry, do not we repeat DO NOT pervert your mind with these comments, but take the following spiritual war prayer and let’s take down the powers of lie and gossip that are extending their laces thru the internet. Let’s talk with fairness and justice and let’s not give the devil any arguments that are more powerful that the Just’s prayer.

Dear Father in heaven, in Jesus Mighty name, we come upon you recognizing you to be the Father of Knowledge, of Justice and of Mercy that hates lie and gossip within your people. We ask you to forgive us to allow the devil to develop his strategy of destruction over the church thru the internet. We repent of gossiping about your servants and about those churches or ministries that prosper on the time that we do not understand them. We resign to the lie and gossips sins and we request your Holy Spirit’s help to restore the damages done. Forgive the people who created this forum or blog (go to the internet page in which they are talking about anyone), have mercy of the people that are incorrectly commenting. WE REBUKE THE LYING AND GOSSIP SPIRIT, AND THE POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS TAKES DOWN ANY ARGUMENTS ARE TAKEN DOWN, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! We appeal your justice, oh God, over these people, pages, forums and blogs until every internet and virtual stronghold is taken down, in Jesus name, Amen.

  1. I have (had) a friend who continued to send me gossip against Obama on the Internet. Snopes confirmed through other documentation that this information was untrue, but she continued to slander this man (Before and after he became president.) I replied to all her recipients and her that this information wasn’t true and she became angry at me for saying this garbage was gossip. She said in a huffy voice that this was a matter of opinion.
    As an example, she was proving that Obama wasn’t a USA citizen because of trips that he used with a different passport than one of the USA during his younger years. This passport issue was addressed on Snopes and I sent her the link. Well, now she and I have a large division, because of her saying she is right in what she is doing. (At least she promised to not send me this garbage again . . .That’s one step in the right direction! . . . I didn’t even vote for Obama, but I cannot see malicious innuendos being sent around, even to my worse enemy, to my best friend, to anyone! “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” (THE GOLDEN RULE)

  2. hello,

    Thank you for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

  3. Wow loved reading this article. I submitted your feed to my google reader!!

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